17 Mar 2016 : Hamid Laga

Riemannian Elastic Metric for Shape Analysis

Speaker : Assoc Prof Hamid Laga – Murdoch University

Venue    : Thu 17 Mar @ 4pm (Murdoch University, ECL2.031)
In this talk, I will present our recent work on 3D modelling and analysis using elastic metrics defined on non-linear Riemannian manifolds. I will first review the basic ideas and the mathematical concepts using 2D shapes and then show how we extended these concepts to the analysis of 3D shapes. I will particularly focus on one particular representation of 3D shapes called Square Root Normal Fields (SRNF) and demonstrate its utility in solving various shape analysis problems including (1) elastic registration, (2) geodesic computation, deformation transfer, and (4) statistical analysis of 3D shapes. I will conclude by outlining the limitations of the work and discussing potential directions for future work.

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