Thu 25 May 2017, 3:30pm (Murdoch Univ.,Postgrad Suite 460.2.031)

Structure, Solutes & Surfaces in Ionic Liquids

Prof Rob Atkins – University of Western Australia



Fri 7 Apr 2017 – 3:30pm (Murdoch University, Senate Room)

Nanoscale Characterisation Techniques at ANSTO

Dr Jitendra P. Mata — ANSTO

Fri 24 Feb 2017 – 11:30am (Murdoch University, Senate  Room)

Entropy Laws for Complexity : Negative Entropy Events and Rogue Waves

Prof Joachim Peinke – Oldenburg University, Germany

Thu 16 Feb 2017 – 3:30pm (Murdoch University, Senate Conference Room)

Entropic self-assembly of Gyroid-like structures

Mr Philipp Schönhöfer – Murdoch University

Thu 24 Nov 2016 – 3:30pm (Murdoch University, Postgrad Suite ECL2.031)

Towards frequency-based electronic bio-detection at the nano-scale

Dr Peter Metaxas – University of Western Australia


Thu 17 Nov 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, Senate Conference Room)

Electrical conductivity and photo-conductivity of novel semi-conductors

Dr Almantas Pivrikas – Murdoch University

Wed 9 Nov 2016 – 2:30pm (Murdoch University, Senate Room)

Snot-to-Tissue  Miniworkshop



peterhaenselsandy_feature peterhaenselsandy_feature

peterhaenselsandy_featureThu 6 Oct 2016 – 3pm (Murdoch University, Senate Room)

Detection of nanometer size differences through human color vision

Sandy Peterhänsel – University of Stuttgart

Thu 13 Oct 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, Senate Conference Room)

Paradigm shift in biomechanics: no more research on mechanical properties of tissues

Winthrop Prof Karol Miller – University of Western Australia



Foam Structure and Rheology: The shape and feel of random soap froth

Dr Andrew G Kraynik – Sandia National Labs (retired)

Thu 29 Sept 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, Senate Conference Room)

4D Shape Atlas

Marcel Padilla – Technical University Berlin

Fri 30 Sept 2016 – 11pm (Murdoch University, Senate Conference Room)

Growing tissues feel curvature: how spatial boundaries affect tissue formation in 3D

Sebastian Ehrig – Max-Planck Institute for Interface & Colloid Science Berlin


Thu 15 Sept 2016 – 3pm (Murdoch University, Senate Room)

Phyllotaxis, Disk Packing and Fibonacci Numbers

Dr Adil Mughal – Aberystwyth University, Wales


Thu 8 Sept 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, ECL2.031)

Dance to the Vibrations – Motion of Active Granular Rotors

Dr Christian Scholz – Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg


Mon 5 Sept 2016 – 3:30pm (Murdoch University, ECL1.031)

Quantitative Electron Tomography of Functional Nanomaterials

Dr Benjamin Winter – Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg / Germany


Fri 2 Sept 2016 – 3pm (Murdoch University, Senate Room)

Soil Water Repellence: A Molecular Dynamics Study of Amphiphilic Compounds on Mineral Surfaces

Dr David Henry – Murdoch University


Thu 18 Aug 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, Senate Conference Room)

Cancer cell migration in 3D biological matrices

Prof Ben Fabry – Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany


Thu 11 Aug 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, Senate Room)

Image-based Phenotyping of Cereal Crops

Julien Dumortier – Telecom Lille, France


Thu 4 Aug 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, ECL2.031)


Wed 6 Jul 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, Senate Conference Room)


Thu 16 Jun 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, ECL2.031)

Modelling hydrogen clearance from a rat retina

Dr Duncan Farrow – Murdoch University


Fri 10 Jun 2016 – 12noon (Murdoch University, McCusker Conference Center)

Thu 2 Jun 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, ECL1.031 – 1 floor below ECL2.031)


Thu 26 May 2016 – 3pm (Murdoch University, Senate Room)

Neuro-Muscular Modelling of Gait Biomechanics

Prof David Lloyd – Griffith University


19 May 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, ECL2.031)

Tissue mechanics on the meso-scale: Probing mechanical contrast with optics

Prof David D Sampson – University of Western Australia

5 May 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, ECL1.031 – 1 floor below ECL2.031)

Controlling Diffusion in Lipid Mesophases: Implications for Protein Crystallization, Reconstitution & Biosensors Developments

Prof Raffaele Mezzenga – ETH Zürich

2016_04_28_JeremyShawPictureThu 28 April 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, Senate Conference Room)


Thu 21 April 2016 – 3pm (Murdoch University, ECL1.031 which is below ECL2.031)


Fri 15 April 2016 – 3:30pm (Murdoch University, ECL2.031)


7 April 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, School of Eng & IT, ECL1.031 – below ECL2.031)

Mimicking magnets with lattices of bacterial vortices

Dr Francis Woodhouse – Cambridge University


3D Printing of High Fidelity Tissue Engineering Scaffolds

Prof Paul Dalton – Würzburg University / Germany


17 March 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, ECL2.031)

Riemannian Elastic Metric for Shape Analysis

Assoc Prof Hamid Laga – Murdoch University


3 March 2016 – 4pm (Murdoch University, SC3.39)